Motor Neuron Disease (MND)- Status & Blog

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MND Patient Condition Update

By Chris Allsop (BSc Hons) - High Technology), Apr 13 2018 04:01PM

2015 April 28 MND Patient diagnosis. 2015 MND progress occasional tripping & falling - able to use walking sticks then 4 & 3 wheel walkers.MND progressed slowly from left foot twisitng the left foot to outside & then up the left leg. 2017 June MND progressed slowly from the right foot twisting the right foot to the inside & then slowly up the right leg - can if lifted up with assitance stand on both legs to help carer. 2017 September lifting hoist used - respiratory lung power reducing slowly & upper body strength for supporting upright position reducing slowly. 2017 October right hand strength & control reducing - Note right hand shoulder & arm strained Ibuprofene Gel prescribed by Doctor to reduce pain contributing to the right hand weakness.Left hand strength reducing slowly. Lung power reducing to around 50 %. PEG tube fitment to stomach for nutrients & medicine injection recomended. 2017 November head support & control reducing.

Dec 30 2019 05:58PM by Jerry Atson

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