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Website - Status UPDATED 12 November 2019 see Authors Thoughts For Today (17 & 18)

This website was started in June 2016 & was completed 30 April 2018 except for additions, updates, corrections -

The website has been started to communicate by an MND Blog, MND News & e-mail Contact Form the latest information, treatments, contacts & links to useful websites for MND.

It follows an MND diagnosed patient from the start including useful information obtained, the most useful equipment  suppliers & medical help worldwide through a Blog. 26 April 2019 - NEW PAGE added MND LATEST PROGRESS BY CONTACT WITH MND RESEARCH EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY

12 November 2019 WEBSITE VISITORS = 20,404




1. To raise the awareness & profile of MND worldwide to the public, medical experts, research experts, high profile

    people & people with new ideas - UPDATE - raised awareness through this website using Facebook & by public

    using link to this website & through music & social contacts in UK, USA, Canada , Australia, New Zealand - result website climbed to top of

    Google under website name (see number of visitors todate at top above)


2. To raise the importance of raising & progressing Genetic Coding & Stem Cell Research to cure MND & in turn provide a

    platform for curing most  diseases - UPDATE - At MND Conferences people are starting to listen to us but will not act nor advertise

    MND yet most of public do not know about MND except recent BBC TV where  patients want to take their life & still the

    MND Association will not  advertise saying all money goes to research but research in its present form is not getting

    the results so time for change new medical engineers & maximum public awareness to apply more public pressure is needed


3. To find out what is going on with MND, who is doing the MND work & making breakthroughs in MND, Genetic Coding &

    Stem Cell Research - UPDATE - author now on MND Research circulation lists for SITtraN - Sheffield University NO REPLY, Euan

    MacDonald Centre - Edinburgh University VISITJAN 2019 TBC, Applied for circulation list to Chris Shaw, Kings College - London (Genetics) NO      

    REPLY & Dr Alex Whitworth - Cambridge University, Oxford University VISIT JAN 2019 TBC, Looking for MND Contacts in USA TED TV series -

    yes Ice Bucket NF TBA, Canada, Europe, Japan. Russia, Australia, New Zealand - linked up with MND Australia & New Zealand during 7 weeks visit to

    both countries in Oct & Nov 2018


4. To get people with new ideas about MND together - UPDATE - see Important News below - BBC TV programme  

    Incredible Medicine - Dr Gabriel Weston - Principal is - getting experts in their medical field to specifically concentrate on one patient until an a

    treatment or cure is developed. BBC 2 TV Mondays at 9 pm The Human Body - Stem Cells organ specific now a Japanese scientist is developing

    new idea fooling organs with stem cells which is working & leading to UK research trials on using the technique for growing hearts


5. To get people with MND patients & personal experience together to determine how to pick up the disease early &

    quickly to be able treat it early & develop more accurate faster tests to determine the type of MND - UPDATE - Check out this website - Check out  

    how Scotland are doing see Important News July 2017 - Principal is concentrate on each patient & get to know what is happening in the real world &

    do something about it rather than go through standard clinics procedures & Government support

Website - Mission Statement UPDATED 19 January 2019

IMPORTANT NEWS - Click on News / MND Latest tab for latest developments leading to treatments & cures 

UPDATE 22 JANUARY 2019 - Author recently returned from raising MND awareness & donations -

through live music performances & sales of new album in Australia & New Zealand, with initial sales to America & Japan & now selling in UK

Author invited to MND Research at Edinburgh University & Cambridge University - to gain better understanding of MND Science & medicine - Author to contact the Universities early in 2019 to arrange visits, determine Agenda & Itinerary -

Exiting News - Genetic Coding & Stem Cell & MND Research advances click on MND Website  Links Tab top of Home Page 


Energy and metabolism in MND cells answer the burning question -

Dr Allen and his colleagues took a novel approach to understanding how MND affects the pathways that are important for making energy in cells of the central nervous system (CNS), that are crucial to keep motor neurons functioning and alive. Specifically, his work has pinpointed a specific mechanism that is changed in MND





Authors Thoughts For Today -  Give yours in the Status & Blog   UPDATED 12 November 2019 (17 & 18)

MND Cure - Thoughts for today -


1.  Low temperature ? - progressive precise application affect to slow motor neuron disease progress ?


2. Stem Cell Stem cell growth & replacement of damaged stem cells ?- replace stem cells  to prmote ealthy motor neurons - how do you distribute healthy stem cells hrough a long complex nervous system ?

UPDATE -  I believe Stem Cells harvesting & growth of healthy stem cells to replace unhealthy damaged stem cells will be very important & the key to solving MND  & other relative diseases (I will put money on it) See Important News on this Home Page March 2017 BBC TV programme Incredible Medicine - Dr. Gabriel Weston


3. Genetic code defect - how do you remove defective codes ?

    - could the genetic code be repaired through cross linking ?

    - genetic codes of MND related to other  medical conditions eg cancer, heart, neurodegerative, ....


4. Chemicals from exotic plants ?


5. Synthetic chemicals ?


6. New tests to diagnose before symtoms &  at early stages ?


7. There are many neurodegenerative diseases & conditions why arn't these cases  added to statistics ? - to add weight & momentum to research for a treatment & cure for MND ? Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Alzeimers & many other neurodegenerative diseases should be grouped together with MND as it could be considered that they are all  basically related & would raise world awareness higher & attract more funding & research as a strong group.


8. MND friendly ?- always check out with a supplier & for yourself that support equipment are MND Friendly & suitable for an MND Patient at all stages of the MND

progression (Note - disabled toilets are to a minimum spec. normally used for partially disabled people & people in wheelchairs with big wheels & hand rims or electric wheelchairs / mobilty scooters who can manipulate themselves in to position - they are progressively more difficult for people with MND).


9. Faster drug testing processes ? - (Sitran) & direct testing of patients (USA).


10. Stop / slow down attacks on motor neurons, fast replication of rogue cells & defective genetic codes ? (Cancer techniques ? Parkinsons slowing down of disease breakthrough April 2017 released on BBC TV News ?)


11. New  class  of science & high tech engineering engneers required ? to work directly with MND & other neurodegenetrative diseases medical research


12. Can the latest Artificicial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanotechnology be used ? to  take over human motor functions to restore movement ?


13. Nerve deterioration stop ? at start of disease - UPDATE 15 October 2019- Can the motor neurons be protected by a surrounding envelope of  targeted anti toxin ?


14. Nerve regeneration ? - regrowth


15. Model MND similar to Cervical Cancer - Genetic Code check - Imunisation - Periodic examination - Diagnostic Tests


16. UPDATE 15 October 2019 - Do the closest relatives to humans in the animal world get MND ?  If not why not ?


17. UPDATE 12 November 2019  - BBC TV News 11 November 2019 - Huntingdons disease breakthough using genetic chain addition / modification to reduce toxins attacking brain & progressively destroying it is having succes in in slowing up disease & stopping it progressing - CAN THIS TECHNIQUE BE USED FOR MND ?


18. UPDATE 12 November 2019  - BBC TV News 11 November 2019 - NHS makes UK controlled grown  Canabis available for treatment of Epilepsy & other related neurological medical conditions as it has proven to be successful in treatment  - CAN CANABIS BE USED FOR MND ?


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