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MND History

The disease discovery according to Internet facts dates back to 1824 by Charles Bell & in 1869, the connection between the symptoms and the underlying neurological problems was first described by Jean-Martin Charcot who in 1874 began using the term amyotrophic lateral sclerosis so a cure must be way overdue.


MND - 500 Varients -

Nerve motor nuerons decay & send continuoulsy weaker signals along the nerves to operate muscles

Muscles continuously get weaker & reduce mobility progressively

Life expectancy significantly reduced


ALS is a form of motor nuerone disease - Where attacks of the nerve cells responsible for sending linstructions to muscles lead to muscle weakness muscle waste & paralysis.The destruction of tthe nerve cells in motor neuron disease may be caused by too much Glutamate (a chemical messinger) in the brain & spinal chord. Rilutek stops the release of Glutomate & this may help in preventing nerve cells being damaged but we have foundthe patient does not like the drugs  sedation effects & the gain is negligable & not proven to us.


Rilutek product - contains active ingredient Riluzole. which acts on the nervous system The drug is used in film coated tablet form. Dosage taking at start is 50 mgx 2 times per day.

It is used in patients with Amyotrophic Layeral Sclerosis (ALS)


Results experienced - See Blog


Side Effects experienced - See Blog


Patients MND very useful knowledge & experience gained as a patient & full time carer dealing with every aspect of MND is on this website in particular under the MND Home, MND Blog & Support Equipment pages 1 & 2