Motor Neuron Disease (MND)- Status & Blog




Action Notes - Authors Tasks / Results

1. MND Association request to accept a link to www.motorneurondisease.co.uk from their website


2. Professor Stephen Hawking - to contact  through Cambridge University ? Died 2018

   Dr Alex Whitworth MND Research contact April 2018

   Author invited to regional conference & Cambridge University


3. TED American TV  series solving complex problems e-mailed - TED reply received & offered help


4. Nancy Frates (Ice bucket challenge on Youtube in 2014 to raise funds for MND ALS - to try & contact    

   through Facebook / Youtube for information exchange UK to USA

   No direct contact as a sensitive contact - Persuing USA  contact through UK Universites & Internet Sources


5. 1 September 2016 BBC TV News -

  New UK Centre for Biomedical Science with top experts in the world working together to make progress to    

  find treatments leading to cures for complicated medical conditions.

  This is an oportunity to raise MND awareness to this centre & the world & make real progress to a treatment  

  & cure for MND.The first of more than 1,200 biomedical scientists have moved into the new £650 million

  Francis Cricktute in central London - to contact by telephone as do not respond to e-mail.

  Francis Crick Institute reply was that it will not be doing anything for MND.


6. To contact worldwide top companies with think tanks, top successful businesses, universities doing latest

   MND research, top famous influential people, other countries working on MND, people in related work to tap

   expertise & put people in contact with each other. Started through this website & Interenet Sources


7. TV advertising campaign - Contacted ITV who will help & have supplied advertising costs - Contacted

   MNDA for previous advertising & whether they are interested in new advertising - MND Assciation do not

   plan to advertise but support research only.Will try Open University & propose an MND Research



MND Notes -

          Biomarkers MND ALS disease model under contruction in 2016 in research (Lumber Puncture fluid).

          Genetic Coding research - (DNA manipulation)

          Stem Cell research - (laboratory potential growth of new organs & nuerological systems parts


          MND ALS Patients contributing to research at JR Hospital, Oxford in 2016 - confirmed

          Meeting & possible anouncements at JR Hospital, Oxford - Easter 2017 - no significant progress more

          of a repeat of other conferences.


MND - Medical Conferences -


MND Association Regional Conference at Cambridge -


MND Association Regional Conference at Leeds -


MND Association Regional Conference at  Taunton -


MND Association Seminar at Saad Business School at Oxford -

        Oxford University Hospital - Presentation - Latest MND News


12 April 2018

Edinburgh University Scotland - MND Research Open Evening in Edinburgh at the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic & Euan MacDonald Centre for MND Research