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21. Slip Sheets - used in hospitals - will move the MND patient across the bed  to the centre but not MND  friendly as need to have carer either side of the patient - trying slip sheets for other Patient transfers.


22.  Floor Mounted Turntable - used by hospitals & ambulances to turn patients around for wheelchairs, walkers, toilets. camodes - MND patients will have  difficulty in using these turntables used & supplied by NHS / OT  as they  have too much friction, MND patients need a frame to hold on to or a carers support to push these turntables around. A free running turntable similar to that used in Beasy Boards is ideal & it saves a lot of shuffling, falling, misaligned feet, toes  tucking under, unessessary tiring adjustment of position often 180 to 360 degrees rotation is required also transfer across the floor is possible with care. Also by simply aligning any patient transport at 90 degrees or less the to  a chair or wheelchair or camode etc.... the patient rotation is  reduced accordingly & so minimum turning effort is reqired by the patient &



23. Leg Lifters - Type 1. for raising the legs up to bed level to allow carer to rotate the legs on to the bed (Laybrook £695) / Type 2 raises legs progressively up & round into the final  postion on the bed without carer having to rotated the patients legs - It uses a platform  on an arm - the arm moves slowly upwards raising the legs & at the same time the legs & platform are moved along the bed & at the same time the platform rotates from it's vertical postion to a horizontal postion on the bed (Laybrook £1295 - discontinued  ?) Not mch advantage with simple leg lifter as the carer still has to lift the leg a small amount & at the same time rotate the legs as near the centre of the bed as possible.


24. Kidney shaped table - supplied by OT is  ideal to save carer contiuously getting up & going to the MND patient all the time with items & it will fit eassily over a large Reclining, Feet Raising & Lifting Up  Electric Controlled Seat & it also provides a safety surround - The  table can be turned around 180  degrees to face the other way to be closer to the patient  to the avoid the patient dropping things & also contain the patient more.Too heavy & cumbersome look for a valet  table or computer table. Ideal table  computer type table mounted on a vertcal tube in a base with table  rotation & height adjustment that fits at the back corner of the chair thus practical & takes up minimum space  & does not have to be moved. TABLE  RETURNED TO OT - TOO BIG, TOO HEAVY, TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE, GETS CLUTTERED, HAVE TO KEEP MOVING IT INTO SPARE SPACES, PUSHING & PULLING PULLS ON BACK OF CARER - SEE SUPPORT EQUIPMENT 2 (PAGE 2) FOR NEW TABLE - ITEM 30. Laptop  Stand by  Relaxdays - Supplier Wayfair.




26. Standing Frame with  Rotation Table -  tried & tested. NOT  MND FRIENDLY CAN BE USED IF PATIENT ACCEPTS BUT NEED CARER ASSISTANCE.


27. Shower Chair - OT supplied chair for new bathroom suite with wet room floor  with shower for MND Patient & added value to house. Shower Chair guideline size is SpectraCare tilt-in-space shower chair which are as follows:

Overall width - 620mm, Overall depth (ie from backrest to end of footplates) when upright - 1095mm, Overall depth when tilted - 1350mm. Shower Chair


28. Shower &  Bathroom  Suite for MND  Patient - Wicks approached plan drawn we offered to buy products first followed by doing  bathroom  enlargement then Wicks - to do  wet room & products fitment - poor response & service - not interested - not efficient. Tried Homebase - created plan - purchased new wet room & bathroom - Installer found awaiting costs & dates.


29. Milford Car Hoist - fits in front inside corner of front passenger footwell. Consists of a pillar mounted in the corner of the front passenger footwell - fixed through the floor & bulkhead - a lifting arm with an electric motor & extending arm drops on to the pillar - a T  bar no. 1. for the 2 patient sling leg locating plates & belts drops on to the top of the lifting arm - T bar no 2. drops on top of bar no. 1 for the patient sling 2 body locating plates & belts - Battery power is used to drive the electric motor from a connection on the lifting arm to an on / off switch & a remote control fitted to a velcro pad on the top of the lifting arm - the lifting arm & bars 1 & 2 assembly is raised & swung outwards to the wheelchair which is locked in position to the patient who is sat in the patient sling in the wheelchair & held by the wheelchair seat belt - the lifting arm assembly arm height hoist location is moved & lowered until the locating plates & belts can be dropped over the leg & body locating pins on bars 1. & 2. - the wheelchair seat belt is removed - the hoist is then raised carefully & swung in to the car carefully under the top of the front passenger door frame & with a final manouvre the patient is lowered & positioned in to the front passengrs seat - the front passengers seat belt is the finally fitted & the whole hoist  if not going to be used is broken down into parts & stored in a bag in the boot of the car. For removal of the patient form the car back on to the wheelchair the process is reversed - When the patent is in the wheelchair the hoist can be lowered & swung round on the front passenger seat & left in position for reloading the patient into the car - The car must not be driven with the hoist assembled & left in the front passenger footwell - The only small inconvenience is the front passenger glovebox can not be opened normally.


30. Milford Smartbase - Consists of a base on wheels with legs that adjust horizontally in & out on to clear items - a vertical pillar with a handle is dropped into the base - a legs adjusting bar is dropped on to a pin on the base - a rechargeable battery with on / off switch drops into a location frame on the base of the hoist - a T bar drops in the lifting arm for the patient sling legs & body locating plates & belts - The same lifting arm with same  power cable, on / off switch & remote control from the Milford Car Hoist is  used so saving money - The same patient sling from the Milford Car Hoist is used - The whole Smartbase hoist can be broken back down again & fits together as a flat assembly & can be carried & fitted into a car boot -  The Smartbase Hoist can be used in a house, workplace or holiday accommodation environment - if used carefully it  could be used outside dependant on environmental conditions - as the Smartbase hoist is lighter & smaller than most hoists so it can be used upstairs on a landing taking a patient  from a stairlift to a medical bed - It can be easily stored away when not in use. When movingthe hoist carefull movement of the Smartbase back & forwards will achieve positioning of the hoist with & without a patient.


31. Laptop  Stand by  Relaxdays - Supplier Wayfair -  Replaces large heavy kidney shaped table on rollers supplied by OT. This is a laptop table but it has adjustable height & can rotate over a reclining chair & can be used for laptop, eating, drinking, bowel for washing. Do not have to continually move it, stays by the side of the chair. is lightweight, on rollers, can fir under chairs, does not take up much space, gives maximum space in room, independant fully adjustable split table tops angle for laptop table / drinks / mobile phone / Kindle / magazine / etc ... link to product is https://www.wayfair.co.uk/Relaxdays-Laptop-Stand-RELX1399.html?refid=TEM_WF_262&mmid=776245777&csnid=3C29A367-E035-4077-928B-6D1EBCE605EB&libra_c=&libra_d=&libra_g=&cltr=


32. New  Sling Design (under development by author) - for MND Patients & others to hold patients in an upright position comfortably to make dressing / undressing, washing, patient inspection & physiotherapy easy


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